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The Lenches


The Lenches is a picturesque territory covering a section of Worcestershire. The Lenches actually falls within the jurisdiction of more than one parish due to its size and other factors.


The Parish of Church Lench

Information from Church Lench Parish Council is available on the Parish Council website. The parish of Church Lench comprises the village of Church Lench itself and three hamlets: Ab Lench, Atch Lench and Sheriffs Lench. Church Lench was mentioned in the domesday book and is known to be over a thousand years old. You may like to take a look at our history pages.


The Parish of Rous Lench and Radford

The parish of Rous Lench and Radford is situated in the north of The Lenches.  Information about the Parish Council is available on the Parish Council website.

Old and New
There is a healthy mix of both old and new in the Lenches, whether that be buildings, facilities or people. The local churches date back many centuries but the sports club and Church Lench village hall just a few years. We have residents that have lived in the villages for nearly a century and others that have just moved here or have just been born here. The local school invites our older residents to talk to the pupils about what it was like to receive evacuees in the war, and in 2013 the school railings that were removed to help the war effort were replaced with new ones (the pace of village life runs slow).


The Amphitheatre

Take a look at everything going on at our latest addition to the village on their own website:

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 13.17.50.png

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