Rous Lench Village Hall Trustees and Management Committee

The Management Committee


The Management Committee is composed of elected, appointed, and co-opted members.  All voting members of the committee are trustees of the hall, sharing in the responsibility for safeguarding its integrity and interests for the benefit of the community.  

All members of the committee are unpaid volunteers who generously contribute their time and resources to varying degrees, as and when they are able to.  

All members retire each year prior, at the Annual General Meeting, at which time a new committee is formed.  It often includes many of the people who served previously as there are no restrictions on the number of terms served. There is often a shortage of people putting themselves forward to get involved, so if you are from the area, please consider becoming a member. 

To contact anyone involved on the committee, ring 01386 896155 and leave a message explaining the reason for your call and your contact details, and we'll make sure your message gets to the appropriate person soonest possible, who will then get in touch with you. Alternatively, send an email to info@rouslench.com.

Following the AGM, the committee then elects from its members those who will fulfil the officer roles for the next year, which are currently held by:

  • Chairman - Corrine White

  • Vice-Chair - Anita Perry

  • Treasurer - Simon Newton

  • Secretary – Claire Linfoot McLean

Up to 5 members of the committee are elected each year from the community.  There can also be up to 7 co-opted members and three appointed members from affiliated organisations. These are people from the local community and area who are happy to take part in safeguarding the village hall, often taking on specific ongoing or ad-hoc roles and tasks. Currently, in alphabetical order, they are:

  • Kerry Clarke (Facilities Maintenance)

  • Mark Edworthy (Bookings Secretary)

  • June Foley (Cleaning coordinator)

  • Darin McLean (Designated Premises Supervisor, Webmaster, Email and Social Media)

  • Simon Newton

  • Anita Perry (St Peter's Parochial Church Council Representative)

  • John Whitfield

  • Sonya Wilkinson

  • Corrine White

  • role currently vacant (Health & Safety)

Affiliated Organisations are those local groups having the right to appoint representative members to the Committee (please contact a member of the Committee if your organisation isn't listed but you feel it could benefit from becoming affiliated):

  • St Peter's Parochial Church Council (Anita Perry)

  • Rous Lench and Radford Parish Council (currently has no representative member) 

  • Lenches Pre-School Group (currently has no representative member)

Anyone interested in joining the committee, please send an email stating this to info@rouslench.com, and you will be warmly invited to attend a meeting so that you can get a feel for what's involved and ask questions. We would welcome interest from anyone who wishes to join, including those who do not wish to become "voting" members (i.e. a trustee), and especially from any younger members of the community who would like to gain some valuable experience in doing worthwhile volunteer work that benefits their community.

Rous Lench Village Hall, The Green, Rous Lench, Evesham, WR11 4UN
01386 896155    info@rouslench.com