About Rous Lench Village Hall

This website is reviewed by the members of the Management Committee of Rous Lench Village Hall, all of whom are unpaid volunteers. The hall is a registered charity in the UK, registration number 523185.

The responsibility for maintaining the various sections of this site vary from time to time depending upon the changing roles of members of the Committee, and of course, upon their time availability. The Management Committee endeavours to ensure that the information presented is accurate and up to date.


The composition of the Management Committee, as well as its processes, procedures, activities and responsibilities, are all governed and guided by the Village Hall's Constitution.  The constitution has on a few rare occasions been amended by the Committee in order to reflect the changing times, as well as the needs of the Hall and the villages that benefit from it.  An up-to-date version of the constitution should always be available on the website. In general, the full Management Committee meets once monthly, and sub-committees may meet as often as necessary.  There is a more-or-less set agenda at the monthly meetings, which ensures the Committee always considers pertinent aspects of the Hall's management.  

One of the main tasks of the Management Committee is to establish a Facilities Improvement Plan derived from direct interaction with and surveys of the main users and beneficiaries of the Hall.  This Plan serves as a yardstick for the Committee to measure its effectiveness in delivering changes and improvements that the community wants.

The Village Hall is a lovely and very characterful Victorian building.  Due to its age it does require a lot of ongoing maintenance.  Therefore a lot of volunteer effort from members of the community, as well as paid-for work by professionals, suppliers and tradesmen, is required.  Many of the people and businesses that the Committee calls on most often are listed in our "Keeping Things Running" section.

History of the Hall


Rous Lench Village Hall was known as Chafecote prior to being ceded to the community in 1947 by its then-owner, Mr Tom George Burn.  It only subsequently became known as the Rous Lench Village Hall.  At the time of this writing, the Committee has not yet had an opportunity to prepare and post to the website a complete history of the Hall.  There are many historical notes and anecdotes about the Hall which are still referred to by local residents.  Some of its history even appeared in London newspapers over 100 years ago!  We plan to update the site with more about the Hall's fascinating history, as well as that of the surrounding villages.  In the meantime, the ARCH Benefice website contains a very interesting and informative history of the area that you may enjoy; please click here to see it.  Further historical information about the village can be found at the British History Online website; please click here to see it.

Rous Lench Village Hall, The Green, Rous Lench, Evesham, WR11 4UN
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